Exclusively to Robie Flowers introducing some exquisite ceramics by Isabelle Carbuccia.

Born in Bastia, Corsica, Issabelle grew up in a universe imbued with many art forms: painting, music, photography and sewing.

Her art is an expressive means of digging into my lived lives  and what her imagination gives away to embellish her works.

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We are proud to be the only florist or retailer in the UK to supply Isabelle's  work here in the heart of Prestwich.

Each piece is unique and hand crafted both abstract and figurative, with the colours  chosen depending on her feelings, what is going on around her and the people she meets. Playing with materials and texture, particularly superimposing resin with golden leaf.

In the same way, painting vases and pottery, ethnic and coloured works, unique pieces, double-faces differing both in style and form.

Please contact us directly for a current stock of her works

The Gold Face

"Is my character that I created 3 years ago and whos name my company bears.She is my favourite because she is linked to fashion that I love so much.Her long rock lashes are the strength of his character. The "C" is the fish vase symbol of freedom"

The Eye Of Protection

"I was born in Corsica, a small French island where the eye is a symbol of protection. I create different collections with the eye so that each religion finds its protection. This one has "ochju" written on the side which means "eye" in Corsican."

The Power Of Water

"I created this vase similar to "the Sacred" with 300 gold leaves so that it's precious and I designed her face so that she takes life. Then to affirm its difference I drew a blue cross which is the symbol of strength."


"I like working with gold leaf which brings me back to fashion that I love so much. This vase tells the story of what disturbs and that what must be imposed. Life is a fight and asserting ones personality is evidence."

The Romantic

"The Russian Doll Vase - The Romantic. Love is a theme that I often broach. The Romantic is touching, elegant and as one. You can read so much love in her eyes."